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Kallio - Business idea boost

Have you been struggling for a long time to find the right business idea to develop your business? Struggling to choose between many interests and many talents and wondering what there will be a market for? Well are you tired of struggling and would you like to develop your business to become both profitable and fun? Of course, you would. Well look no further. I have developed a special interview technique to help you discover your potential, find the right business idea and develop a business that is profitable and fun.

I get you started on your business based on your passion, profession, mission and vocation. In other words, we work on finding the business idea that entails what you love, what you are good at and more important something that people need and are willing to pay for. This is how you develop your business. With business development boost you get profound advice on how to find your business idea based on what is already important to you. Maybe you already know what your passion is, but need advice on how to turn it into a business idea. I believe you have potential and I will help you discover it, so that you may generate a strong business idea for a profitable business and get started on a communications strategy to get your point across.

Or maybe you already have a business, a web page and customers, but feel a need to make a change. I can help you find a new direction.

What you get:

  • You fill in a survey to give me a hint about your current position;
  • I look at your webpage and social media channels to analyze your communication
  • We have a session of app. 2 hours to work on developing your business idea
  • I send you the video recording of the session and some notes;
  • After one month we follow up with a one-hour session;
Price: 1.247 $ excl. VAT

If you choose to continue working with me after you complete the Business Idea Boost package, I offer 1:1 sessions. One hour is 297 $ and I offer a discount if you buy packages of 3-10-15 hours online consultation paid in advance.

  • 3 hours 857 $; excl. VAT
  • 10 hours 2687 $ excl. VAT
  • 15 hours 3567 $ excl. VAT
Book a discovery call and learn more about how I can help you boost your business.
Book a discovery call and learn more about how to develop a profitable business that is fun too.