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Business Idea Workshop Survey

You can influence the content of my next workshop, that I give for free in January. Please take this survey to put your imprint on: The 4-week Business Idea Workshop

I am developing a 4-week workshop for you to generate a strong business idea. Take this survey and get a say in the content of the workshop.The workshop will cover key elements in generating a strong business idea: Your ideal client; Your potential; How to find your business idea; Generate a strong business idea and start making good profits while you enjoy what you do.

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Take the survey and get a chance to win a free session KALLIO - BUSINESS IDEA BOOST at a value of $ 1247. 00.

The winner will be found by my marketing manager Nina Winther Overby on January 20. Winner will be notified directly and announced on all my channels.

Business Idea Workshop Survey

Take the survey before January 20, 2020 and get a chance to influence the content of the online training. You also get a chance to win a BUSINESS IDEA BOOST at a value of $ 1247.

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All that subscribe before January 20 get a chance to win a free 1 hour session with me. Winner will be drawn by my Marketing Manager Nina Winther Overby and will be notified directly as well as announced on all my channels. 

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