Lotte Heise

Lotte Heise /Bifald

I have worked with Trine Daimi/ Kalliomäki Communications for a couple of years now. Every time we work on a project it is my experience that Trine sees things in me that I have not discovered myself. Trine has helped me overcome doing something that I hate - and it is not easy to help me - because I am VERY stubborn. And for this reason it is sometimes a good idea to ask someone else to have a look at you and what you are doing - you NEED it. Trine sees things that others miss and she never settles for the mediocre. Full of ideas! Trine is creative, innovative and really sharp! Intelligent, outgoing and direct. Love Lotte Heise  

Thomas Winther Overby


I took part in the online writing course with Trine Daimi Kalliomäki It gave me insight in more than one way: Trine shed some light on concrete elements in my writing process. And in particular she looked at a particular text, that had come to a stop. I am now aware of new aspects and angles when I write. After this course with Trine I am now full of courage and inspiration. I recommend this writing course very warmly. It is suitable for both beginners and more trained writers.

Aase Morell

Mejse - Meget Mere Magisk

Trine gave me to the point and competent sparring. Trine is serious and present in conversation. Not only did she think much bigger thoughts about my business than I would ever dare myself ...She inspired me to see more potential and act accordingly - and even dream about much more. I am still discovering fields of possibilities in my thoughts and in my actions, and I know that this was not the last time that I did myself a favour and booked a sparring session with Trine Daimi Kalliomäki. I feel that Trine received me well and took my hand on the journey to the next comfort zone. I will remain here for a while - untill I call Trine next time. I recommend Trine warmly.

Karina Dahlmann

Grow Your Passion

Trine is good at helping you get to the core of your message and get your point across. One of her many talents is her ability to think BIG - to raise the glass ceiling. She motivates you to stand by your value and skills and take them to the next level. Trine offers professional advice and training, but also inspires and motivates you to think bigger and make your business sustainable financially.

Heidi Svømmekjær

Heidi Svømmekjær

Like Trine, I am a copywriter and so I thought it would be a healthy challenge for me to get her input about my business. After having gone through her questionnaire and a very thorough Skype session I cannot recommend her enough. In the absence of colleagues or co-owners I found it very rewarding and luxurious being able to talk in-depth about how and why I do the things I do. I'd even go so far as saying that any one-person business should have this as an annual consultation.
Having the chance to put my daily thoughts into words and to reflect on my work process with an attentive and engaged listener made a fuller picture emerge than I have seen for some time. On top of that, Trine made some very eye-opening points that I will surely make use of going forward. All in all, Trine manages to balance her therapist training beautifully with her experience as a business owner and strategist. So give yourself the treat and the secret weapon of her insight - you will not regret it.

Mette Raahede

Lifting your life

Trine helped me see my business from a new angle. She kept focus and guided me into finding my target group, tagline and how to communicate with my future customers. Helped me with how to become more concrete. Get advice and good things to work on. I would like to give Trine my recommendation.

Birte Christensen

The coaching Trine gave me was a major turning point in my life. Trine managed to enter my entrepreneural universe, which consists of very diverse activities, and guide me to finding my true potential, the one thing that I really have a passion for - and which I had completely forgotten. With her masterly overview Trine helped me realize that my future business idea should be founded where I stand strongest. Trine has a special, empathetic gift to help you be concreet about your life misson. She is an extremely gifted acquaintance and I am deeply gratefull to have met her. I give her my warmest recommendations.</span Birte Christensen Speaker, author and designer of butterflys.  

Bjarne Poulsen

Copenhagen Text

Trine has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and she really helped us focus our business communication. First and foremost she helped us zoom in on what our clients expect from us and make sure we always communicate this, both in our marketing content and in our everyday communication. Bjarne Poulsen

Kim Foss Lund


I have had the pleasure of taking part in Trines writing course. For me the result of this is that I am now much more focused when writing job applications. I now know how to write good and to the point applications. This means that I will get much closer to reaching the dream positions, that I apply for. What really works with Trines writing course is the combination of training via Zoom - so that we can both see and hear each other - while Trine at the same time presents her slides and we have a dialog online. Trine shows an interest in me; who I am and what I want to achieve with my job applications. She gave me some tasks so that I was active during the training and could contribute with questions and input. This form made the tuition interesting, present and relevant. As a result, I got concrete, useful and powerful tools that I can use immediately. Trine challenged me in the field of "use to" and gives me time and space to reflect on my experiences, while at the same time turning theory into practice through "hands on"- tasks. The writing course is indeed "hands-on" and concrete. After the course I feel inspired, positive and motivated and am convinced that I will now be able to write applications that gets me to interview and eventually will land me the next dream job. I have also found the courage to start writing a blog about good practices in management at where I share my opinions, actions and views about good management.

Christel Annika Knigge

CFD is the largest provider in Denmark of services for deaf, deafblind and hearing impaired people.

Trine has a friendly and warm personality which makes it easier to understand what she is conveying. Based on her insight into the reflection space of others she allows her clients the time and space nessessary for new knowledge and insight to convert into experience with the individual. After attending a class with Trine i have become more conscious about the preparation needed for a writing process. I am aware of the competeences I pocess and how to manifest them in my writing. Thank you so much for an educational course. Best Regards Family consultant and familycouncellor